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Hey there! Welcome to Bodyies – your launch pad to a fitter, stronger, and more energetic you!

I’m Jacinta McNamara, the heart and soul behind Bodyies, (which I began in 2019)

Over here, we keep fitness real and fun. We’re all about creating workout plans that fit just right with where you are now and where you want to be.

Looking to lose some weight, pack on muscle, or just want to feel great every day? We’ve got your back!

But hey, there’s more to it than just working up a sweat. Eating right is a huge piece of the puzzle. That’s why at Bodyies, we’ve teamed up with awesome nutritionists to offer you sustainable nutrition solutions for the long term!

So... ready to make some amazing changes with a bunch of friendly faces? Contact Jacinta today!


bodyies main focus is on building & keeping your body confidence and tuning into balanced nutrition.


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"absolutely love this group. The training sessions are designed for all levels of fitness. Jacinta is so supportive and she checks in regularly which is so good to help with motivation. I can’t wait for the next challenge to help me reach my goal!"

Jodie Muller

"Bodyies has been awesome helping me transform my body shape, overall fitness and general outlook since I started with Jacinta. She's an amazing PT and has adjusted my program as I progressed, listening and being supportive to remove self-doubt and immeasurably improve my confidence. Groups are friendly and communicative without that judgement you sometimes feel at the gym and other fitness clubs. I recommend Bodyies to everybody and anybody looking to improving their health and fitness."

Amy Moore

"I joined bodyies last year. The workouts whilst hard are fun and tailored to me.. I see improvements in my fitness and mindset because of this training and look forward to my next session."

Amanda Flint

"I joined Bodyies 8 months ago with a few niggling injuries. Jacinta has been amazing with her commitment, knowledge and encouragement. My strength and fitness have improved so much in this time."

Jane Howells

"Im loving this time with the group. Bodyies are a very supportive group in every way. I joined for mental health and the rest is a bonus. I can't recommend them Enough."

Beppie Darben

"Hands down, best choice I’ve made training with Jacinta very friendly and know hat she is doing. She pushes you to reach your goals and the boot camps are awesome there is a great bunch of people we train with that make it so make fun highly recommend."

Diane Weatherby

"I started training with Jacinta and the Bodyies crew about 8 months. I absolutely love it, we train with an incredible bunch of like minded people and every workout is different. Jacinta has improved my strength, cardio and my overall fitness. Thanks Jacinta always a pleasure."

Kelly Kolinac

"What an amazing journey! Bodyies (Jacinta) have taught me what motivation and commitment I need to build the better me. Jacinta and her ongoing encouragement and support have changed my attitude to believe in myself. She has etched in my mind that nothing worth having comes easy..... so to have that strong, fit, healthy smoking hot body I desire will come with hard work, constant pain and drive from me. But in saying that with Jacinta on my side pushing me beyond my limits I now actually believe I can have it all. Thank you Jacinta you are simply 'The Best'!"

Cindy McDonald

"Jacinta’s bootcamp was really great enjoyed it.Very professional and knowledgeable as well as incredibly nice and Good fun with that grin of hers when we do burpees I feel refreshed and more Energetic thank you will definitely come back look forward to the next challenge Great bunch of girls and boys"

Don Don Meredith


Options include : Corporate bootcamps, Game days, Group fitness, Evolt360 Body Scans and Corporate Personal Training.